Annual subscription

Membership to the new Youth Band is $30 per term by donation. Membership for the other bands is $200 per year for individuals. Families up to 3 persons is $300. University student's fee is $150. Partial year discounts are possible. Relief due to financial hardship also considered—please ask!

info & Photos

Your name, address, instrument and email address information is made available to other society members. Photos from performances containing your image may be placed on our web site and in other society publications.

Official stuff
Society Rules

The rules of the society are available on the site www.societies.govt.nz. The society’s registration number is 2549118.

Joining the band

If you are not sure which band you are suited to, we can assist and advise. Movement between the bands is possible and encouraged.

Send us info

Please feel free to get in contact with us as we welcome all questions.

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